Providing Inclusive Leadership & Human Capital Solutions

Change only happens when people are held accountable for the goals, expectations and commitments required.  The first step in holding people accountable to make the change needed is to measure and establish a baseline for the organizations current state around the issues of importance.

We advocate a model that allows you to determine where your centers of excellence are and then identify the areas of opportunity.  By making the connection to margin enhancement and the fiscal links below; the buy-in becomes immediately apparent for all concerned.

  • The Top-Line: Revenue Growth
  • The Bottom-Line: Cost Reductions
  • The Pipe-Line:  Recruiting, Retention and Talent Management

Currently under development is a customizable 'dashboard' that will be integrated into the final metrics derived from the case study being deployed in the third quarter of 2014.  Among the metrics to be tracked will include links to our proprietary metrics such as the:

  • Inclusive Leadership Index
  • Organizational Inclusion Index
  • Leadership Effectiveness Index
  • Talent Management Effectiveness Index
  • hCap Valdue Added Metric
  • hCap EPS Metric

Executives Manage By Numbers....

Not By Feelings!