Providing Inclusive Leadership & Human Capital Solutions


Practice Leader

Craig B. Clayton, Sr.

15 Years - University of Houston

Bauer College of Business


Each road map is customized based on the initial assessment meetings to determine the archival data available, desired outcomes, anticipated scope of work as well as where on the organizational inclusion spectrum a prospective client may be. 

There is no one size fits all approach to driving organizational culture change.

Our Deployment Model

hCAP (Human Capital) Value Added

Developing and deploying a strategy to eliminate bias and create a culture of respect and inclusion is an on going change management process.  This provides an overview of the roadmap and process associated with creating a hCAP Productivity and Performance Improvement strategy

There are detailed steps involved in each aspect of this model including explanations, periods of performance, rough order of magnitude, deliverables and projected investment required.

The five key steps involve the following:

  • Executive Buy-In
  • Deploying Measurement Processes
  • Analyzing the Data Assimilated
  • Creating / Integrating Into Existing or New Management Processes
  • Creating / Deploying Improvement Processes and Tools.

Contact us to arrange for a detailed overview, presentation and/or proposal custom designed for your organization.