(IV.)  Workplace Bullying  (Learning Plan)

The New Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

These courses are for ALL employees. Employees deserve to come to work in an environment where derailing behaviors are reduced and/or eliminated.  The behaviors defined as 'workplace bullying' have a significant impact on workplaces. The majority of these behaviors are directed from a manager to an employee. This makes it even more difficult to handle and eliminate. 

This learning plan provide organizations with a tool to better help employees identify these behaviors by defining what they are and the difference between tough bosses and workplace bullies. Once understood, it is easier to take control of the situation and eliminate these behaviors.


(V.)  Generational Diversity

(Learning Plan)

Today's workplaces have employees from multiple generations working together. Having an understanding of these generational differences, how that impacts work effort, willingness to go above and beyond requirements, expectations each group of employees has relative to their commitment to work; are all areas that make a difference when working with and/or managing employees.

There are many things that influence each generation.  There are moments that set each generation apart from each other that occurs in the news, culture and or history. 

Understanding how those differences can shape and/or contribute to our values is important to help improve workplace interactions.
This plan also provides a generational understanding of the ways to motivate, influence and communicate effectively across generations.

(I.)  Workplace Equity Learning Plan

Building equitable workplaces is a critical competency to manage, leverage, motivate and engage employees.  These courses are for ALL employees. They are designed to serve as the 'foundational' workplace equity (diversity) training content that addresses the business reason for creating respectful, equitable places to work.  The emphasis is on 'behaviors' in the workplace and how they impact respectful teams and work groups.  These courses also provide the impact on the business from a financial perspective and demonstrate the 'business case' for creating a culture of respect.

(II.) Respectful Workplaces                  

(Awareness - Learning Plan)

Managing respect in the workplace is a difficult on going challenge. Once ground rules are established for working respectfully; many employees find there are additional skills required to be successful.   This learning plan contains basic fundamental tools that allow employees to work together in ways that enhance the levels and likelihood of success.  Course titles include:

(III.)  Respectful Workplaces

(Skill Building - Learning Plan)


Once awareness has been created about what 'workplace respect' looks like, how if manifests, how to establish foundational and fundamental levels of respect and how to sustain it; the next step is to enhance specific skills that lead to a respectful inclusive environment.

This learning plan provides employees with tools that ALL employees need in order to ensure that the team, workplace and/or organization is able to effectively communicate in ways that are more productive and less confrontational.  One of the biggest problems that lead to disrespect is when people don't know how to deal with issues that are causing a communications problem.  These are the tools available in this learning plan:


Instructor Led

eLearning Content

Listed below are the learning plans that are intended for all employees in an organization.  These courses would provide the foundation for creating organizational culture change and developing common language and terminology around create respectful, inclusive, equitable places to work.  Additional detail on each plan provided.

Education & Development - All Employees


Education & Development - All Employees

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