Listed below are the learning plans that are intended for specific targeted segments of the employee population in an organization.  These courses would provide training and insight that are specific to targeted areas of responsibility such as human resources, diversity councils, employee resource group leaders, supervisors and managers and those in need of specific cultural competence skills.  Cultural competence specific skills include culturally competent sales, customer service, multicultural feedback, multicultural conflict resolution, leading multicultural teams and more.  See titles below for more details.

(I.)  Diversity Ambassador

(Learning Plan)

Diversity Councils are critical to the successful integration of a diversity management strategy into daily organizational practices.  We assist the organization in establishing and/or implementing a best in class diversity strategy; which requires  focused training designed specifically for diversity councils. These councils can then provide a strategic advantage to an organization that is looking to deploy a corporate culture assessment, deploy ERG’s - Employee Resource Groups or leverage new product and/or market strategies.  This plan will provide them with the following skills:

  • DA-01: Council Fundamentals
  • DA-02: Corporate Culture Assessments
  • DA-03: Creating A Strategic Plan
  • DA-04:Communicating Diversity Strategy
  • DA-05: Preventing Diversity Backlash
  • DA-06: Employee Resource Groups
  • DA-07: Change / Diversity Management
  • DA-08: Business Integration Model
  • DA-09: Diversity ROI Model

(II.)  Human Resources                      

(Learning Plan - Release Date 4th Qtr. 2015)

These are the courses recommended for those in an HR role within an organization. The workplace is changing,  job candidates are becoming more diverse.  Recruiting and retaining from the diverse and changing talent pools requires different skills than it did in the past.

These course will provide HR professionals with new and creative ways to complete their tasks in this ever changing environment.  The policies established and managed by HR can have a different impact than might have been assumed in earlier times.  The courses offered here are foundational for the HR staff.   Included is a layer on cognitive biases in each of these areas and how to recognize, prevent or eliminate them.  The courses include:

  • Recruiting Traditionally Under-Utilized Employees
  • Retaining Traditionally Under-Utilized Employees
  • Procedure & Policy Implications on Inclusion
  • Mentoring & Coaching (Multicultural)
  • Interviewing Multicultural Candidates
  • Launching a Diversity Program
  • Understanding Workplace Bullying
  • Organizational Solutions to Workplace Bullying
  • Establishing Respectful Workplace Policies
  • The Fiscal Implications of Derailing Behaviors

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Education & Development - Specific Groups of Employees

Education & Development - Specific Groups of Employees

Providing Inclusive Leadership & Human Capital Solutions

(III.)  Effective Management

(Learning Plan - Managers & Supervisors)

Release Date 4th Qtr 2015  


Managers need additional skills in order to effectively manage the changing workplace. The changes in the composition of the workforce include multiple generations, many different ethnic and global distinctions, women in roles traditionally held by men and more.

Among the many changing skills include an ability to demonstrate effectiveness when focusing on increasing innovation and creativity in the workplace.  Additional skills include understanding the importance of having more than a high IQ.  An additional key attribute of leaders in the changing workforce of today, is a managers emotional and social intelligence.  This content also includes an understanding of the impact of cognitive biases on those responsible for leading and managing the changing workforces in most organizations.  This plan address those areas in a way that informs and instructs.

  • EM-01: Unconscious Bias
  • EM-02: Emotional & Social Intelligence
  • EM-03: Power & Privilege
  • EM-04: Driving Creativity & Innovation
  • EM-05: Mentoring & Coaching
  • EM-06: Multicultural Feedback
  • EM-07: Providing Work Life Balance
  • EM-08: Equitable Project Assignment

(IV.)  Cultural Competence                   

(Learning Plan - Release Date 4th Qtr. 2015)

Becoming culturally competent impact all aspects of an organization. Skills in this plan are for managers, sales, customer service and more.  The ability to be successful in a changing environment requires having an understanding of how to navigate these aspects of managing,  leading, selling, servicing and interacting in culturally effective ways.

Courses in this learning plan are applicable to many aspects of a successful global, multicultural organization.  Included are the following classes:

  • Cultural Competence - Def. & Link to Business
  • Multicultural Communication
  • Effective (Multicultural) Listening
  • Building Effective  Multicultural Workplaces
  • Multicultural Sales
  • Multicultural Customer Service
  • Multicultural Conflict Resolution
  • Multicultural Feedback
  • Multicultural Teams