Organizational Equity Learning Plans

Diversity Ambassadors Academy

Diversity Councils, Employee Resource Groups & Thought Leaders

Effective Management Plan

Leaders/ Managers in the workplace today need emotional and social intelligence.

Human Resources Plan

The role of HR has changed along with the changing workforce.

Cultural Competence Plan

Sales, customer service, teams, feedback, conflict resolution and have cultural implications.


All Employee Plans

Targeted Employee Plans

Creating respectful inclusive employees often requires providing new tools for the employees, managers, supervisors and specific targeted employee segments such as HR, sales, customer service.  These plans can be delivers as instructor led content or utilized as digital bookend through the iNSPIRAR eLearning platform. 

In a blended learning approach the instructor led content focuses on application sessions which are customized based on the business issues, challenges and opportunities.  Content can also be customized and delivered as learning maps to increase the level of interactive instruction.

Education & Development


Education & Development

Providing Inclusive Leadership & Human Capital Solutions

Workplace Equity Learning Plans

Equitable Workplace Learning Plan 

(Foundational): These courses are for all employees and help establish workplace respect.

Respectful Workplace Plan   

(Awareness):  The skills required to build respectful workplaces have to be consistent.

Respectful Workplace Skills Plan     ​

Providing the tools to create respectful places to work.

Eliminating Workplace Bullying 

This plan provides an understanding of bullying and its impact in organizations.

​​Generational Diversity Plan ​​

Some workplace can have as many as four generations in the workplace.