Providing Inclusive Leadership & Human Capital Solutions

In a recent survey (2013) of the top five concerns for CEO's; the number one concern dealt with the issue of human capital!  Most executives manage by numbers and not by feelings.  Many people refer to metrics around the issue of human capital as being about 'soft issues’ and not critical business metrics.  Our approach incorporates the metrics related to human capital in ways that can be validated to impact the organization in quantifiable, measurable ways.  The metrics we calculate impact an organization at three levels:

  • The Top-Line: Revenue Growth
  • The Bottom-Line: Cost Reductions
  • The Pipe-Line:  Recruiting, Retention and Talent Management

Creating buy-in for the human capital strategies, interventions, skill set enhancements, culture changes, behavioral modifications, managerial and leadership competencies MUST start at the senior most level in the organization.

We provide tools that create buy-in and ownership at the C-Suite and board level for the changes in the organizational DNA that are often required to make lasting change.


  • C-Suite Visioning Interviews & Alignment
  • Strategic Alignment Modeling
  • Glance Analysis: Fiscal Implications

If You Can Measure It

They Can Manage It!

Executives Manage By Numbers....

Not By Feelings!

Executive Buy-In

Executive Buy-In